River Road Brewing and Hops

(226) 441-2284

Saturday from 12:00pm - 5:00pm

35449 Bayfield River Rd, Bayfield, ON N0M 1G0

River Road Brewing & Hops is Huron County and Bayfield’s first farm based brewery dedicated to providing you with delicious and quality crafted beers and produce. Each of our beers offer you a unique tasting experience. The ingredients that go into making our beer are grown right here on the farm giving you a fresh taste like no other brewery in the area. At River Road Brewing & Hops location, just outside of Bayfield Ontario, you will be welcome to wonder the hop yards and farm fields to view the craft from start to finish. River Road Brewing supports sustainable brewing, from our wood fired boilers, to feeding spent grain from the brewing process to our herd of highland cattle. We look forward to inviting Craft Beer enthusiasts to Ontario’s West Coast to enjoy the local splendor, quaint villages and delicious elixirs. Please visit our website and Facebook page for updates on opening celebrations and beer releases, as well as our Instagram page for visuals of our progress. We thank you for your ongoing support.

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