Drudge Family Maple Syrup

Drudge Family Maple Syrup

Jeff Drudge


43269 Amberley Road, Wroxeter ON

On our family farm, we have 7600 taps. Maple Syrup is made in March and early April. When the sap comes from the Maple tree, it is clear, like water. It takes about 50 litres of sap to make 1 litre of Maple Syrup. This process takes a tremendous amount of evapouration, which is one reason why Maple Syrup may seem expensive. We use plastic lines to collect the sap, and we boil it in a wood-fired evapourator. The Syrup is boiled to 219 F. and tested by hydrotherm for correct density, then strained and sealed hot in containers. We bring to you a top quality product, based on the experiences of two centuries of Maple Syrup production in Canada. Our family has been making Maple Syrup in Canada continuously, since 1797. When our ancestors came to Ontario, they made Maple Syrup because it was their only source of sugar. They bought land from the Crown, cleared the land and built barns and houses. Our grandsons are now the ninth generation of our family to make Maple Syrup in Ontario.

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