Gordon's Goat Dairy

Gordon's Goat Dairy

Gordon and Bethany Edgar

(519) 335-4321

no store front ,no on farm sales

43253 Cline Rd., Wroxeter, N0G 2X0

We are a Family run farm that grows the crops that feed the animals, who produce the milk that we make into wonderful fresh wholesome cheese like no other you have tasted. We grow no GMO crops , or use growth hormones , and our milk is free of antibiotics. We us soft straw for their bedding not wood shavings. We allow the kids to stay with the moms till they are ready to be weaned. Our goats are happy contented goats. Our first goal is the happiiness and health of our girls. (goats) Which in turn insures great tasting milk and sensational tasting cheese. We deliver the cheese to your local stores

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