Hayter's Farm

Hayter's Farm

Joanne Maguire & Elaine Hayter

(519) 237-3561

Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm Sundays 11am – 4pm

37467 Dashwood Road, Dashwood, N0M 1N0

“A family-owned turkey farm in Dashwood, Ontario is the place where three generations of the Hayter family have devoted their passion for premium quality for over 70 years. Hayter’s Farm is unique compared to other turkey brands because we direct the entire process at one place, our farm! We offer traditional products like whole turkeys or roasts for your oven as well as fillets, burgers or sausage for your grill. For those on the go, we offer deli meats, ready to cook lasagna and meatloaf’s as well as our famous turkey bacon and pepperettes. We’re continually adapting to our customers’ needs for low sodium and gluten free products while maintaining great taste and freshness. As a small, hands-on operation, we can monitor all stages of production ensure the highest quality and sustainable practices. Our birds are raised free to roam in spacious open sided barns with fresh bedding and access to water and feed. Stop by Hayter’s Farm to see where taste and tradition come together!”

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