Veggies on Parr

Veggies on Parr

Heather Chechak and Patrick Leonard


11-5 Monday - Friday

77642 Parr Line, Clinton, N0M1L0

Veggies on Parr was created with the memory of warm family meals. The ones where everyone got together, shared stories, laughed, (maybe poked a little fun) and left with their bellies and hearts full. Having young children of our own now there is nothing more important to us than having fresh wholesome food for them to eat and, spending dinner each day reconnecting and laughing. We are a humble husband and wife team who love great food and especially fresh impeccable produce. We want Veggies on Parr to be an integral part of your families’ meals and help bring families closer together with great fresh food. We are aimed in providing fresh non-gmo micro-greens, herbs and heirloom vegetables straight to your table. Come on by and check us out, we can’t wait to meet you. Our family looks forward to feeding yours!

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