Meditating on Metzgers

Growing up as a pig farmer's daughter I knew most of the names of local butchers and meat processors, and I remember Metzgers being a preferred name in our house, their bacon always smelled the best. After moving out of my parents home I began just buying my meat products from the grocery store. I remember the disappointment I felt the first time I made bacon from a box store, it was not the same. A few years later I was saved! A local shop opened in Goderich, Shanahan's Quality Meats had so many great local options, but my personal favourite was the Metzgers bacon. My family also really enjoys the summer sausage, pork chops, and my boy#2 will only eat the Metzgers balogne. We have been loving Metzgers products for quite a while now, not just for the taste, but for the ingredients, or the lack of certain ones. I can usually pronounce every ingredient in a Metzgers products, and I feel good feeding them to my boys. They are the only place that I can eat hot dogs from now, they have ruined all others.

As I said above, we purchase our Metzger meats at Shanahans in Goderich, but there are many locations all over Huron county that sell this delicious smoked goodness. Most prominent in the blog today is the location ON location: Metzger Meat's on site shop. I had never actually been TOO Metzger's, I had driven past it, purchased their products in stores and eaten their meat gleefully, but I had never stopped into the actual place. Today we changed that, because we were already in the area and I needed to check it out.

I relied on my trusty GPS to take me right to the front door of Metzgers, and it did. Of course it was in the middle of pouring rain when we pulled up to the door, but we needed the bacon, so we ran for it. It was WORTH IT!! With me I had three very excited young boys who all love balogne, bacon and summer sausage, so they were very happy to help choose our bountiful bag of meat products. The staff were extremely helpful, the environment was clean and very sanitary. Through the doors into the plant you could see some processing take place and hear all the machinery at work.

Walking into the little meat shop attached to Metzger's you see cheeses, meats and more meat. There is fresh meat ready to go in the counter refrigerators and also frozen packed meat in the freezers near the back of the shop. While speaking with the lady that served us we learned that the shop had just recently been expanded and that prior to that expansion it was only the space that was now taken up by the cheese counter. It looks like the choice to expand is paying off for this meat supplier because that little shop was full of people grabbing their favourite cuts and collections. We personally picked up a package of bacon (of course!), a half pound of balogne, a half pound of summer sausage, and five bacon rolls (which are pickles, wrapped in cheese, wrapped in ham, wrapped in bacon, and yes, they are as amazing as they sound!). I have always loved the products from Metzger's and my visit today only solidified my love of them.

Leaving Hensall we headed for Clinton to grab some snacks at the roadside stand Willy's. Low and behold they were offering Metzgers sausage on a bun, so I got one. And it was delicious! We are so lucky her in Huron County to be surrounded by such amazing food and so many amazing producers who know how to make that product the best possible. the next time you are out and about looking for delicious bacon make sure you try Metzger's.

Check them out online here: Tweet out about your fave Metzgers meat, or Instagram it and hashtag #tasteofhuron or #metzgermeats Let us know your favourite.

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