The Goats aren’t Actually Drunk in Blyth

Handcrafted and farm-fresh cheese is probably one of my favourite things in the whole world. Don’t get me wrong, I will eat almost any cheese, but there is nothing better than going to a farm and buying the product right from the cheese maker. Blyth Farm Cheese is one of these places and their award winning products are some of the best. Paul Van Dorp is the owner of this wonderful establishment and product and has he ever got some cheese making ability! They do everything from farming and milking the goats to making the cheese to packaging right on the farm.

Back in May they opened a new retail store on their farm and it looks wonderful. They have always had a small store-front, but this new space will really showcase their products. This whole operation is a 3 man show, with Paul being the owner and head cheese maker, Sarah Reid as cheese maker and sales manager and Leendert Van Dorp as the lead farming technician. They care about their goats and their cheese process more than most, the cheese is made from 100% goat’s milk, everything they use is natural and they love where they work, just outside of Blyth Ontario. All of the cheese they make is gouda style – which is an iconic Dutch cheese usually made from cows milk. They have changed up the recipe a little bit, which just added to the wholesome product they have created.

Last time I visited, I was needing about 10 lbs of cheese for an event in Toronto, and of course I had to use local food! I went in the door and was met by both Sarah and Paul as they were re-stocking their fridge. I told them what I needed and they took be back to the cheese room (place where they cut and package) to quickly discuss the cheese options and amounts. I asked what the “crowd pleasers” were and they said they were all good, but Golden Blyth, Blyth Smoked were large sellers and then I thought the drunken goat had to be on the menu. Within 10 minutes I had picked the cheese, they had cut the portions I needed and packaged it all up for me. It was a really great experience and I always look forward to visiting!

They make 10 different types of cheese, plus specials once in a while too! Their cheeses literally have 4 ingredients: Goats milk, bacterial culture, rennet and sea salt and then they add other natural ingredients for flavouring. I won’t lie, my favourite is Blyth’s Drunken Goat – this is a merlot soaked gouda is the most succulent and rich cheese. Another highlight of this cheese is that it has a purple hue! Some of the other added flavours include garlic, jalapeno, nettle and cumin.

I know I have mostly been talking about the retail store in Blyth, but this cheese is available all over Ontario! Visit the website and check out the store-locator, cause I bet there is a place near you that has this cheese. I do highly recommend going for a visit at the store though, there is nothing like meeting the people who produce your food and trying samples of all of the varieites. Blyth Farm Cheese is located at 82521 Allboro Line, which is southwest of Blyth.

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