Maker's Gonna Make.

When thinking of where to buy handmade crafts, goods, and art, many people may immediately think to go online and search Etsy. Not in Huron county. Here there are so many local options for finding local makers of pretty much anything. The place to find many of these makers and artisans is the treasure trove otherwise know as the Maker's Market, Mercantile and Creative Space. The Maker's Market is a pop up market that runs alongside the Goderich Farmer's Market every Saturday from the Victoria Day long weekend in May to the Thanksgiving long weekend in October.

During the stretch of colder months the market can be found indoors at the Huron County Museum, usually every Saturday from November until Christmas, then one Saturday a month from January until May. Just last year the founders and operators of the Market and Mercantile: Amy and George Zoethout and Dana Lumby, began organizing Night Market pop ups which have been quite fun and exciting. The night markets offer music, food, vendors, and a beautiful atmosphere of community. This Summer two such Night Markets were put on, one in July and one in August, with high turn out and high praise.

The Maker's Mercantile and Creative Space is the brick and mortar space that is open Tuesday through Saturday and offers a more permanent home for over seventy local maker's creations. This is the place I know I can hit up between 10a.m. and 6p.m. (10a.m. to 4p.m. Saturdays) and find the last minute birthday gift, the maple syrup and coffee I missed grabbing at the Saturday Market, and don't forget a little lavender owl for my five year old who is an avid collector and insists on purchasing one each time he visits, just ask Dana. There is always a friendly face greeting us from behind the counter or from the little maker's table. I have never seen anxiety on anyone's face when my young children rush in excitedly to see all that the mercantile has to offer, and as a mother that makes a huge difference and informs on where I shop most. Amy, Dana, and George have made this a haven for makers and shoppers alike. From the moment I walk in and inhale the homey scents of handmade soaps, incense, tinctures, wool, and oils, I feel at ease and cozy.

At the Mercantile and Creative Space you can purchase hand crafted items and also take part in classes to learn how to create your own. There have been card making workshops, sewing, bookmaking, and many other opportunities to learn. Walking around the space you can find so many things to buy, including locally roasted coffee, local maple syrup, locally grown oats, roasted bug snacks, fermented foods, kombucha, vegan soups, treats, handmade hats, mittens, tinctures, personal care products, cards, mugs, and so so much more. This is the place to go for a one of a kind piece for the home, or a gift that no one else will give. Living in a rural area I never thought I would have such a wide variety of options when it came to shopping locally, the Maker's Market, Mercantile, and Creative Space have made that reality. My shopping habits have changed for the better, and my gift giving skills have definitely improved!

To check out and learn more about this amazing treasure trove visit the website at or find them on facebook. Also check them out on the Taste of Huron website at

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